Pharma Technology

Because medicine is more than a factor The basis for living already Therefore, aside from knowing, we must also know how to use drugs to the best of both society and the nation in the economic dimension. Pharma Technology Food… Read More »Pharma Technology


Packaging Technology

Packaging is the first aspect used to attract customers to be interested in the product. Therefore, operators must have various packaging designs. To be outstanding In order to stimulate customers’ demand and make a quick purchase decision Let’s end the… Read More »Packaging Technology

drink technology

Drink Technology

Drinking water business can be self-employed. Although there are many different brands but you know? That the amount is still not enough to meet the needs of consumers Because the demand for drinking water in this global warming day is… Read More »Drink Technology

food processing

Food Processing

Experience the innovation and advanced solutions of Food Processing Machinery. Meat processing machinery Sausage crusher, grinder, agitator, mixer Various types of dryers High-pressure sterilizer and many more by world-class brands and manufacturers. Food Processing / Meat Processing Machinery and… Read More »Food Processing