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food pack asia

9-12 FEB 2022​ || BITEC, BANGKOK


food pack asia 2022

As one of the top food processing & packaging and other related industries trade and exhibition fairs in Asia, Food Pack Asia sees how significant technology has become currently. Yet, it is not just for “new normal” to help us live on safely from the fatal disease, but for “next normal” to make the world return strong and prosperous once again. On 9-12 February 2022, Food Pack Asia 2022, which is taking place at Hall 102-104 of BITEC Exhibition Centre, Bang Na, Bangkok, is centered on “Food Tech for Next Normal” theme.


Thai export potential

Director of the Food Institute Network agencies, Ministry of Industry Revealing trend and accelerate the development of the processed food industry into practice Focus on improving Food & Beverage Entrepreneurs

Future food and food safety

Food safety is the most important in food production process. And future food will soon be a popular trend in Thailand.

Farms to Factories

Add value to agricultural products The rest of you go into processing products for global export Invitation to farmers of all branches Visited FOOD PACK ASIA .


Automation Systems and AI (Artificial Intelligence) can reduce costs and increase more productivity and good profits.

Consulting service

Special events from partner organizations, from both states and privates, provide basic advice on food production-processing and loan for grow up your business.

Food technology for new normal

Food-Beverage Packaging and Logistics Business Machinery Show is packed with an army of manufacturers and a full range of related equipment.


Exhibitor profile

  • Automation Systems & Robotics
  • Food Processing / Meat Processing Machinery and Equipment
  • Food / Drying / Frying Machinery and Equipment
  • Food Mixing / Cutting Grinding / Separating Machinery
  • Food Sterilizing Machinery / Retort and Equipment
  • Freeze Drying Machinery
  • Inspection System and Analyzer in Production Lines
  • Metal Detecting Equipment
  • Rolled Sushi Making Machinery
  • Refrigeration System and Cold Storage
  • Beverage Machinery and Equipment
  • Beverage Producers and Distributors
  • Bottling and Filling Technology
  • Blow Molding Machinery and Equipment
  • Dairy and Liquid Processing Machinery
  • Drinking Water Making Process, Water Purification System
  • Bagging, Coding, Labelling, Printing, Marking Machinery and Inkjet
  • Printing Materials and Printing Technology
  • Packaging Machinery and Equipment
  • Packaging for Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Products
  • Packaging Technology
  • Bakery Equipment and Supplies
  • Bun / Dim Sum / Dumpling Machinery and Equipment
  • Confectionery Machinery and Equipment
  • Wafer Production Line
  • Laboratory and Food Microbiology Analysis
  • Laboratory Instrument and Analyzer
  • Laboratory Instrument and Supplies
  • Testing and Measurement Equipment
  • Measurement and Weighing Instrument
  • Cleaning Materials, Tools and Equipment
  • Commercial Kitchen Equipment
  • Catering Equipment and Hospitality Service
  • Freezer / Cooler
  • Ice Cream Making Equipment / Snowflake Making Equipment
  • Manufacturer of Hotel and Restaurant Equipment and Supplies
  • Other Related Machinery and Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical Machinery and Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Tableting and Capsulation Equipment
  • Bakery / Pastry Product
  • Chilled and Frozen Food
  • Dairy Product
  • Food Ingredients / Food Additives
  • Juice Dispenser
  • Meat and Poultry
  • Non Alcoholic Drink
  • Organic Food / Beverage
  • Wine and Spirits


“Bottled water” with filter standards 0.2 microns, safe, useful

"Water" contributes to health Makes the system in the body to work at full capacity Whole digestive system Blood circulation, excretion of the brain, as well as help with the skin. Therefore, it is the reason why everyone should drink 8-10 glasses of water a day or about 1.5 liters to reduce dehydration. Manage various mechanisms In the body to work efficiently

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Supporting Organizations

Media supporters

BITEC determines to comply with the public health measure during the spreading period of such dangerous contagious disease to prevent, monitor and control the epidemic strictly emphasizing on health and safety of the customers, staff and visitors.

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