the 12th international

food processing and packaging exhibition

7-10 April 2021


10.00 a.m. - 7.00 p.m.


We have a marketing solution that helps entrepreneurs to increase the efficiency of marketing for your industrial products. In order to reach the consumer groups and target groups in the past, present and future​

Food Pack Asia

The Perfect Showcase of Machinery & Machine Tools, Material Handling Machinery, Electrical Equipment and Instrumentation, New Trends of Technology and Services for Manufacturing and Related Industrial Sectors


We never stop expanding our trade shows for consumers across the country. We do surveys for industry needs. And organizing trade shows Bring operators to consumers across all regions in Thailand.


A comprehensive trade exhibition of food & beverage processing machine and packaging , Food Pack Asia is the perfect answer to all the needs of food and beverage businesses plus those who are interested in food and beverage industry. This annual event is continually held at Bangkok’s BITEC Exhibition Centre where leading Thai and foreign producers, distributors, suppliers in food and beverage industry as well as related businesses gather altogether in one place. They come for trading, meeting, receiving new information and knowledge and connecting with business partners and customers at the exhibition and many more.

Food Pack Asia 2021

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Food Processing

Food Processing Machinery, Meat Processing Machinery, Filling Machine, Pork Shredder, Food Sterilization Machinery, Frozen Machinery, Metal Detection Equipment, Refrigeration and Cold Storage Systems

Drink Technology

Bottling technology, PET bottle blowing machines, Bottle pack machines, Label wearers, Milk processing machinery, drinking water processing, water purification systems and complete drinking water production lines

Packaging Technology

Automatic Packaging Machinery, Horizontal Vertical Packaging Machine, Liquid Packaging Machine, Filling Machine, Product Packing Machine, Labeling Machine, Vacuum Sealer, Labeling Machine, Barcode Printer, Date Printer And all types of packaging

Confectionery Machinery & Bakery Equipment

Candy making machine, Bakery equipment, Steamed bun machine, Mochi pastry, Chinese pastry filling, Bread filling machine, Pastry filling machine

Pharma Technology

Pharmaceutical machinery and equipment, Pharmaceutical packaging, Pharmaceutical mixers, tablet presses, Pill press machines, Capsule filling machines Capsule polishing machine

Lab & Test Technology

Laboratory and Food Microbiology Analysis, Laboratory Instrument and Analyzer, Laboratory Instrument and Supplies, Testing and Measurement Equipment, Measurement and Weighing Instrument

Hotel & Restaurant Equipment

Cleaning equipment, Catering equipment, Freezers, Coolers, Ice cream making equipment, Snowflake making equipment, Hotel and restaurant equipment and utensils manufacturers

Food & Beverage

Bakery / Pastry Product, Chilled and Frozen Food, Dairy Product, Food Ingredients / Food Additives, Juice Dispenser, Meat and Poultry, Non Alcoholic Drink, Organic Food / Beverage, Wine and Spirits

industrial update

“Bottled water” with filter standards 0.2 microns, safe, useful

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